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Krusttyh Benyh
Illustrator, Author & Teacher
About me My name is Cristi, but you might know me by my artistic name Krusttyh Benyh. I come originally from Barcelona, Spain. However, I have been living and working for many years abroad: First in Norway, then The Netherlands and right now I am based in Ghent, Belgium. About my career as Illustrator and Author I first started my artistic studies in «Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny Pau Gargallo» (Badalona, Spain), where I ended up specialised as a Children's books Illustrator. After that, I expanded my field as an Author by attending writing lessons in «Aula de Escritores» (Barcelona, Spain). In 2014 my first book «El diario de Leo» was published. During the process of writing this book I formed myself about the Autism Spectrum Disorder by reading innumerable books, by interviewing many families, by following the training «Intensive and behavioural intervention in Autism» from «Fundación Planeta Imaginario» (Barcelona, Spain), and by having the chance to meet and work with a bunch of incredible children from the school «Educational and Therapeutic Center Carrilet» (Barcelona, Spain). In 2017 my second book «El diario de Joana» was published. This new adventure meant many hours of study, investigation and interviews with both professionals and families. Besides, I had the wonderful experience to be in «Escola Llevant» (Badalona, Spain) where I had a great time getting to know all the children. To end with, I was lucky to meet «Fundació AURA» (Barcelona, Spain) where its amazing staff makes inclusive-jobs a reality. In 2018 my third book «En Piverd i la Roseta» was published. For this book I was in charge for the illustrations and Josep Sais i Brucet was the author in charge of the text. In 2019 my fourth book «L'illa blava» was published. For this book I was again in charge for the illustrations and Rosa Casanovas Roget was the author in charge of the text. In 2021 my fifth and latest book «Panda y cebra» was published. For this book I was once again the illustrator and Pau Arasa was the author. Every single drawing and word in my books has been made with my whole heart. I can't stop myself from getting goosebumps every time someone decides to buy one of my books. It is a huge honour and excitement for me to know that someone is adding a little piece of my art in their lives! THANK YOU! About my career as a Teacher I did my studies as a Primary Education Teacher first starting in Barcelona (Spain) and ending in Oslo (Norway). At the end, I specialised myself as a Special Needs Inclusive Teacher, and I haven't stopped forming myself since then. (TEFL, Sign language, Braille, Kindergarten Education, International Education, Talk for Writing, IEYC, IPC, IB, Humanitarian Education, Multilingualism in Education,etc...) My teaching experience started in 2013. At present I am a happy teacher, in love with my profession, proud of all my students and currently working in an International School in Belgium. My hobbies I love Dinosaurs, animals and nature, reading books, teaching & illustrating, and turquoise is my favourite colour.
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